Proverbs Day 2 – If you call out for insight..

…then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. (Proverbs 2: 3,5 ESV)

When I first embraced Jesus Christ, I was seventeen and had very little knowledge of God – other than the fact he loved me and sent his Son to pay the penalty for my sin. I didn’t know how to pray. Nevertheless, my heart cried out to him – later those cries were accompanied with words.

My appetite for God was voracious. I wanted to know about him – I wanted to know him. I called out to God and asked him to help me understand his word (the Bible) and how it related to my faith and my life. God faithfully answered my prayers.

As I look back – now over 40 years – I recognize the truth of today’s verse.

If I frankly evaluate myself before God, the idea of facing him is terrifying. Even though Jesus paid the penalty for my rebellion and transferred his righteous standing to me and all who believe in him, I’m still pretty sure I’ll fall on my face before God the moment I see him face to face.

But the Bible tells me this fear of the Lord is a good beginning. Not only will I find the knowledge of God, but I will also be delivered from evil, protected, and understand every good path.

I am trusting God at his word. Have you called on God for insight? What has your experience been?



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  1. Barbara Mesh says:

    Thank you Nicole for shining a light for Jesus.

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