Homeschool 101: Join a Support Group!

It’s helpful to have a network of support as you forge your homeschooling journey. In the high school years, other homeschooling parents are especially helpful. I leaned heavily on many of my friends as my children passed through middle school and high school. They gave me advise in regard to curriculum, college preparation, and building transcripts.

Writing letters of recommendation, sharing teaching roles, and planning college trips with other mothers eased my burden. The homeschooling parents in our support group not only helped our family, but became our dearest friends.

The support group is also a wonderful place to establish a healthy social group of friends for older students. Our teens worked together on service projects, led the group’s student council, challenged one another to strive to reach big goals, and encouraged one another to continue their education.

My children made life-long friendships in our support group – my daughter even married a young man from the group! Senior year, these students planned senior picture events, excursions, prom, and graduation together. Our homeschool teens created traditions which continue in our support group to this day.

My tip for the day: Join a homeschool support group!

In Florida, go to to find a support group near you!

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