Walking through II Corinthians 4

Therefore, since through God’s mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart. II Corinthians 4:1 NIV

I’m working on memorizing longer passages of scripture. This month I want to memorize the fourth chapter of II Corinthians. Won’t you join me as I meditate on these encouraging words from Paul? (No pressure – you don’t have to memorize them.)

Recently I served as kitchen staff at a Christian camp. At first, I found it difficult to consider the endless cycle of preparing food and cleaning up afterwards as ministry. But meditating on this first verse in II Corinthians, gave me a new perspective. It was through God’s mercy, I received the ministry of serving in the kitchen. I was encouraged at the reality of those words.

I went to work with new vigor and a desire to love and serve those working in the kitchen with me. Needless to say, the job became a joy and the relationships a treasure.

What is the ministry God has given you?

Are you at home parenting small children or homeschooling?

You may not have time or opportunity for ministry outside the home now, but it is through God’s mercy you can share the love of Christ with your children and your neighbors on a daily basis.

Through God’s mercy, your children are your ministry. Don’t lose heart!

Are you working full-time?

After putting in a long day at work, it’s difficult not to lose heart at the list of chores needing attention at home. But lack of free-time isn’t an obstacle to praying regularly for co-workers or encouraging them with your words and deeds.

Through God’s mercy, your co-workers and family are your ministry. Don’t lose heart!

Are you a studying and working at the same time?

The work/study schedule is demanding, but opportunities to minister to others while you stay the course aren’t as difficult as you may imagine. I remember forming the closest community while I was a student. We ate together, studied together, and prayed together. God’s grace and mercy were apparent in every encounter.

Through God’s mercy, your peers are your ministry. Don’t lose heart!

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