Don’t Lose Heart

Whatever you do today…don’t lose heart! Romans 12:1 tells us presenting our bodies as holy living sacrifices is a reasonable service of worship. There are many other verses in the Bible which encourage us to persevere. But it is only in response to God’s marvelous, gracious, forgiving, healing, redeeming love we will have the motivation we need to continue.

I volunteer at a pregnancy center four hours a week. Our service is limited to four hours because of the emotional strain the job often involves. I look forward to going every week and consider it one of the most important things I do with my time. I love serving the women who come through our doors. I strive to provide Christian comfort, information, and helpful options. Nevertheless, it’s sometimes difficult not to lose heart.

I’m focusing on II Corinthians 4 to encourage you today.

  • We don’t lose heart because by God’s mercy we have received this ministry or job, or opportunity  (II Cor. 4:1 ESV) 
  • By our open statements of truth we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience  (II Cor. 4:2 ESV)
  • For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord and ourselves as servants for Jesus’ sake (II For. 4:5 ESV) 
  • The all-surpassing power belongs to God not us (II For. 4:7 ESV)
  • We carry in our bodies the death of Jesus (ourselves crucified with him) so that the life of Jesus (his mercy, love and grace) may also be manifested in our bodies (II For. 4:10 ESV)
  • We know he who raised the Lord Jesus will raise us also with Jesus and bring us with you into his presence (II Cor. 4:14 ESV)
  • It is all for the sake of others – so as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God (II Cor. 4:15 ESV)
  • So we don’t lose heart (II Cor. 4:16 ESV) because we are being prepared for an eternal glory beyond all comparison! (II Cor. 4:17 ESV)

My sisters and brothers, take heart!

Love, Nicole


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  1. Barb Freed says:

    Dear Nicole, Thank you for this blessing! In Christ’s Love, Barb

    Barb Freed Piano & Brass Teacher & Tutor 863-647-2445

  2. Thanks Barb. God is good!

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