In light of Valentine’s Day this week, I thought I would share what the Bible says about LOVE. (From I Corinthians 13 ESV)

Love is patient…it does not force another person to comply, it does not consider others an obstacle in their way, it does not react harshly when deterred.

Love is kind…it is not rude, it doesn’t mock or make comments behind the back of another, it does not slander.

Love does not envy or boast…it considers the feelings of others and has a true evaluation of self.

Love is not arrogant or rude, it does not insist on its own way, it’s not resentful or irritable…it is forgiving, thoughtful, yields, handles its own disappointments without lashing out.

Love rejoices with the truth…it can accept being proven wrong with ease, it’s teachable, it’s bendable, it’s honest.

Love bears all things…it is strong, dependable, faithful. It doesn’t shy away from challenges, but moves toward them with confidence.

Love believes all things…it doesn’t assume the motives of others, it doesn’t jump to conclusions, it graciously allows time for growth and understanding.

Love hopes all things…it doesn’t despair, doesn’t give up, doesn’t complain. It sees a different future despite present circumstances.

Love endures all remains steadfast and unalterable in the most dire situations. It sacrifices itself.

Love never ends…there is no limit to love, it cannot be used up, it fills up and overflows, forever.

Where can I find this kind of love? Does love like this even exist?

Yes, I’ve experienced it.

God is LOVE. (I John 4:8 ESV)


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