Walking in the Spirit ~ Quotable

We have learned in China that, when leading a soul to Christ, we must be very thorough, for there is no certainty when he will again have the help of other Christians. We always seek to make it clear to a new believer that, when he has asked the Lord (Jesus) to forgive his sins and to come into his life, his heart has become the residence of a living Person. The Holy Spirit of God is now within him, to open to him the Scriptures that he may find Christ there, to direct his prayer, to govern his life, and to reproduce in him the character of his Lord…

The love of God is the source of all spiritual blessing; the grace of the Lord Jesus has made it possible for that spiritual wealth to become ours; and the communion or the Holy Ghost is the means whereby it is imparted to us. Love is something hidden in the heart of God; grace is that love expressed and made available in the Son; communion is the impartation of that grace by the Spirit…

Regeneration means that the life of Christ is planted in us by the Holy Spirit at our new birth. “Reproduction” goes further: it means that the new life grows and becomes manifest progressively in us, until the very likeness of Christ begins to be reproduced in our lives…

To walk after the Spirit is to be subject to the Spirit. There is one thing that the man who walks after the Spirit cannot do, and that is be independent of him. I must be subject to the Holy Spirit. The initiative of my life must be with him. Only as I yield myself to obey him shall I find the “law of the Spirit of life” in full operation and the “ordinance of the law” (all that I have been trying to do to please God) being fulfilled – no longer by me but in me. “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God (Romans 8:14).



Nee, Watchman. The Normal Christian Life. Tyndale House Publishers, 1957.

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