Day 30: High School Tip – Begin Prepping Your Genius Before High School

Many of my friends bought the SAT Prep Genius literature and DVDs in order to prepare their high school students for success on the SAT and PSAT tests. I am in favor of any and all of the programs which provide students with tools for success, and I like the SAT Prep Genius specifically.

The tip for the day has to do with timing. If you want to benefit from programs specifically designed to reinforce test taking skills of any kind, they must be implemented before the student’s senior year. The strongest skills are always the ones which have been reinforced with a great deal of practice. The longer your student has to develop an understanding of testing structure and strategy (as well as the basic reading, writing, and math skills) the better prepared they will be to achieve their highest potential on standardized tests.

To enhance vocabulary, students should be exposed throughout their education to good literature, foreign languages, and classical language roots. The most advanced math skills are laid on the foundation of strong, strategic, and sequential math curricula (jumping from one
curriculum to another might in fact increase gaps in understanding). Strong and engaging writing skills are developed by reading well-written literature and doing a lot of writing and editing.

My final word, ‘There are no shortcuts. The best way to prep your SAT genius is to begin your preparation program long before high school!”

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