Day 28: High School Tip – Register with the State

For Florida homeschooling parents:

Make sure your high school student is registered as a homeschooling student their junior and senior years. Even if you registered when they began kindergarten and keep an active portfolio and submit annual evaluations, verify that your student is registered in their last two years of high school with a call or email to Student Services.

I don’t know what the requirements for scholarships are for other states in the union, but in order to take advantage of  the Florida Bright Futures scholarship, students must be registered with the state their junior and senior years. They may be registered in an umbrella school or as an independent homeschooling student, but make sure you have documentation that confirms the fact.

All three of my children graduated from high school and applied for and received Bright Futures scholarships. Each time we applied, we were asked to provide documentation from the state verifying they were registered.

My final word on the subject, ‘If you want the money, register your high schooler.’

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