Day 24: High School Tip – For the College-bound Homeschooler

Not all colleges have the same entrance requirements for homeschoolers. Some schools require SAT II tests in the major subject areas or 2 classes in an accredited institution for entrance. Others want a detailed syllabus for each class taken throughout high school. Universities may require other hoops for the home schooled senior to jump through. Nevertheless, if your student is college-bound, it is a good idea to check out the special requirements for home schooled students at the colleges your child might want to attend and make sure you can meet them by graduation. 

When our children were in 10th grade, we looked at majors they might be interested in, in order to narrow the field of colleges we considered. Once our child chose a major field of study and school to apply to, we looked into the requirements they had for the home schooled applicant.

During the following two years we made sure we met those requirements. It can be much more difficult to fulfill them all in one year or one semester. It would be even more discouraging for a senior to find out they have to delay graduation in order to take a few more courses to meet college entrance requirements.

My final word on the subject, “Be prepared to jump through some hoops for college entrance, it’s worth the effort.”

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