Day 20: High School Tip – Take AP Classes/Tests

AP (Advanced-Placement) Classes, Dual-Enrollment classes, and CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) tests, what’s the best option? Some colleges don’t give credit for CLEP tests, so you should check with a prospective college before your student spends the time and money in CLEP preparation.

Dual-Enrollment courses give your student both high school and college credit. But not all dual-enrollment courses are equal, which is why many colleges prefer that the students take AP courses in high school. These courses are offered online as well as in the classroom. The reason they are preferred is because the test for aptitude is a nationalized test and it gives them a fair estimate of the students’ abilities.

So the last word on the topic, “If your student is college-bound, make sure they take some AP courses in high school!”



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  1. Thanks for your homeschooling high school tips! My daughter just started 9th grade homeschool this year. I want her to take AP or dual credit courses, but I just don’t think she is ready for them yet. I’ve been getting tips from Let’s Homeschool High School and will definitely add your tips to my rounds. I keep hoping that homeschooling high school will get to be as comfortable for me as elementary and middle school homeschooling were. Time just seems to be moving too fast for me! Hmm, maybe I’m the one who is not ready for the AP or dual credit courses! Again, thanks for the tips!

    1. nicolelisamaria says:

      Some 9th graders are ready for the advanced placement classes, but most don’t take them until their junior and senior years. There is no hurry. You will learn as you go, we all do! Enjoy the time together. It will become more comfortable as you grow in confidence. I’m sure that you are doing just fine!
      Good Luck 🙂 Nicole

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