Day 10: High School Tip – Take Standardized Tests

Don’t wait until junior year (11th grade) to take the first standardized test.

The best preparation for standardized testing is taking tests. The more familiar with the testing routine the more comfortable your students will feel and the more confidence they will have taking the test for college entrance (if that is your goal).

The PSAT test is a low-cost alternative to taking the SAT test each year during high school. It is not as long as the SAT test and still gives the student an opportunity to practice. The PSAT is used primarily for scholarships, so if you find that your student is doing well on the PSAT their freshman and sophomore year, it would be a good investment to get some additional tutoring help to score higher when it counts and could mean a free ride in college. (PSAT tests are given in September, so you’ll have to plan ahead to register.)

Visiting and registering for the question of the day is also a good help. There are other helpful items on the college board website, like CLEP and AP testing available for college credit as well as some guidance for career development and college searches.

My final word on this topic is ‘test every year in high school.’ The testing boards will take your student’s best scores for college application.


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