Day 5: Homeschooling Tip – Let Your Words Edify

Keep your students challenged in the areas of their strength, identify their weaknesses, but don’t demoralize your children.

There is a tricky balance between working at improving areas of weakness and focusing so much on them that your student feels like a failure. I found my responses had a very profound impact on my children’s self-impression. When I was frustrated, I often pointed out mistakes with a tone of disappointment and anger in my voice. I am sorry to say it is much more difficult to remove the sting of a remark than it is to make it.

When I became aware of how my own tone impacted my child’s confidence, I was ashamed. I realized that my disappointment had more to do with my own pride than it did with my child’s education. This realization motivated me to look more objectively at the work of my children and keep a tighter reign on my own emotions and words.

My children responded well and we became the ‘team’ I had wished for – working together for a common goal.

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