Day 2: High School Tip – Keep Good Records

Keeping good records throughout your student’s high school years simplifies the preparation for future opportunities.

I printed a transcript template for each of my high school students and plotted the courses which would satisfy Florida Bright Futures Scholarship requirements. At the end of each year we updated and personalized the form. When they reached their senior year, I uploaded all the information on the computer and it was ready for the application process.

Some colleges require a syllabus for each of the courses in high school. Keeping a copy of the Table of Contents of textbooks used, will make this easy to provide if asked.

The best way to justify grades on a transcript is to keep copies of a sample of tests taken or papers written.

If your student is college bound, it’s a good idea to look at the admission requirements for home schooled applicants of the college they wish to attend.

Happy homeschooling the high school student!


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