Once upon a time there was a lovely young woman who was gifted with a golden voice. The Music Maker had blessed her and his character and creation inspired her songs. The beautiful tones she crooned brought joy to her heart and to the hearts of those who were happy enough to hear her. She could not contain the music coursing through her soul and it spilled out as she worked, walked, lived.

She was sought after to sing for the pleasure of others. Her songs glorified the Maker of Music. In the chorus of her life, she became the mother of a precious child. The young woman spent hours singing lullabies over the cradle and in the rocking chair. The melodies brought peace and joy to her tiny daughter.

As the child grew, the mother shared her songs. There was dancing in the nursery. Soon a delightful duet developed and mother and child reveled in the beauty they were enabled to create together.

As time went on, the mother sang less and less. Her hair grayed and her vibrato warbled. But her young sprite carried the tune she had taught her. The mother delighted in the gift passed on.

As the refrain continued, the daughter left home to create a symphony of her own taking much of the music with her. The aging mother was content for she still had a song to sing. It was richer and fuller, but it was no longer for others to hear. It was a song for the Maker of Music alone. He understood the words, for He had written them himself – the gift is spread through sacrifice.

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