God chose to rest (on the 7th day) , not because he needed to, but in order to establish a pattern for us to follow, showing us the balance between work and rest…We are human beings with a built-in need to rest, and by hallowing the Sabbath God gives us permission to meet our need for restoration…The crown of all God’s creative acts was that of humankind, which took place on day six. Since God rested on the next day, the seventh day, it means that the first day for humankind was a day of rest. That is how we began in the natural order of things, and that is why we speak about working from a place of rest. Rest is our starting point…We begin with the gift of the day of rest and, because we are rested, we can enter into a rhythm of grace.

Working from a place of rest p. 62

Tony Horsfall

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