Back after an absence… Happy New Year!

new years

It’s been almost a month since I have come to the keyboard and to this blog. I am sorry for my absence, especially if you were following my homeschooling tips and I stopped so abruptly. But here is a home school tip for you – #22 – if you fail to keep a commitment or keep up a routine or discipline – don’t throw in the towel and let the defeat become complete. Pick up and start a-fresh! 

This is good advice for the beginning of a new year – when we make resolutions and then just a few weeks into the first month we fail at keeping them. You might think to yourself, ‘What’s the use? I can’t do this anyway.’ Fight back the urge to quit and persevere. That’s what I have done in the past, and often the goals I set were not completed within the original time frame, but they did get accomplished. We didn’t read the Bible with the kids in a year as originally planned, but after 3 years we did read it through cover to cover. We didn’t complete the Saxon math book by Memorial Day each year, but it was usually completed by July 4th. We didn’t finish reading David Copperfield out loud, but we did complete Oliver Twist and Great Expectations and I finished David Copperfield on my own. 🙂

My modem went down, the holidays got busy, my job became demanding, but I am back. So, although I intended to write you 31 days of homeschooling tips – in a row. I will give you 31 days of tips. It might take me until Valentine’s Day to complete, but hang with me. I hope to encourage you to stay the course – I will stay the course with you. .

Looking forward to continuing the journey and sharing the joys with you. Happy New Year!

Nicole Schrader

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