Tip #18: Don’t Neglect Fun


I have a mother who knew how to play. She still does. She enjoys life and lives it to the limit. I don’t agree with every philosophy that my mother employs, but I did learn the importance of fun. The times we spent playing tennis, swimming, going on adventures, traveling, singing, dancing, roller skating, etc. were times that are fused into my memory with joy and will not be erased by time. I want my children to remember their childhood as a time of shared experiences that were enjoyable.

So much of our time with our children is spent on household chores, homeschooling, and providing extracurricular activities, that there is little time left to enjoy together. So my simple tip for the day today is to remember to have fun with your children. Sing with them, laugh with them, play the never-ending game of Monopoly with them, sit down and create Lego contraptions with them, draw pictures, go on scavenger hunts, dress up, the options are as limitless as your imagination.

Remember, our time with them at home is just a moment and they are grown and the opportunities are more limited. So, go play with your kids!

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