A ‘Good Man’ Executed Publicly

I read an article today about an incident which took place in the Middle East. Apparently, a doctor who discovered a successful treatment for AIDS, was publicly executed by the authorities for malpractice.

The infamous doctor opened a clinic in his home town. A large epidemic of AIDS in the neighboring villages inspired his education and research. It is said he developed a treatment for AIDS that effectively caused the disease to go into remission – some patients were even healed completely. Word of his outrageous success spread throughout the area and his clinic was swarmed with desperate men, women and children who had hitherto been without hope. He employed only a few nurses and some family members, but they were able to treat each patient with individual care and professionalism. One patient in remission was quoted to say that the doctor was practically worshiped by those he treated.

Evidently, the local authorities were not too pleased with the influx of AIDS victims in their town and were perhaps even threatened by his popularity. (But, I add my opinion.) Nevertheless, they were helpless to thwart his success until a disgruntled member of the doctor’s staff betrayed confidentiality policies and went public with the doctor’s treatment. The mayor, with the support of other doctors in the area, claimed the clinic implemented unconventional methods and medications. They closed the clinic on these grounds and an investigation took place.

AIDS patients and the community were in an uproar at the closure. They held 24-hour vigils in front of the barricades that surrounded the clinic. Surprisingly the doctor was silent on the matter when questioned. His brother did speak out though, and told the local press they would hire the best attorney in the country to try the case. That same brother, just days later, denied the statement, when news broke that the doctor was going to defend himself.

In the days that followed, the article states, rumors of inhumane testing done on animals and questions whether the doctor himself had contracted AIDS were also made public, but no substantial evidence of either report ever found its way into the news. The nurse who initially leaked the treatment was reported to say the rumors were not true. But the authorities said her testimony was not to be trusted. Others testified the doctor’s success rate had been fabricated and that many of the patients had not been healed.

The country in question is not known for its legal integrity. International reports have alluded to cases in that country in which notorious criminals have gone free without even posting bail. The reporter of this article might have placed his own career in jeopardy when he wrote that the trial was a mockery. He stated, the doctor didn’t have a chance, public opinion was swayed against him.  This doctor, who was just weeks before lauded for healing the masses, was considered ‘enemy number one’ by the authorities.

The trial was held privately, which went against precedent, and the doctor was found guilty as accused. The rest of the story was so depressing. Taking the opportunity to demonstrate their authority against this poor man, they sentenced him to death – although no record of any criminal offense was ever given to justify such a sentence. A day after the pronouncement, as though in some rush, they brutally murdered him. It was said his mother and brothers stood by and watched in shock. The photo attached to the article showed the clinic vandalized. The doctor’s family and the staff are not speaking to the press. One town official was quoted to say he was glad the ordeal is over and the AIDS victims had gone somewhere else to die.

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