“War On Women”

There has been a great deal of press with the title ‘War on Women’ in the past couple of weeks and I, for one, don’t deny the fact. There is quite a battle being waged. What has not gotten the coverage, is the battle for our children and even the attack on men. I don’t think the public is aware of whom we are engaged with in this bloodbath. Our common enemy has been around since the beginning of time and his main strategy is as old as he is – deception. From his entrance in the garden, he has twisted truths in order to confuse and disillusion women and men. Many of you might read this far and stop. But I caution you to pause and consider.

The history of mankind is not a glorious one, consider the consequences of deception in the past and reconsider the present. Our enemy is considered the Great Deceiver and the Prince of Lies. Here are a few Lies that have cost beyond millions of lives.

Blacks are not people, they are property.

Jews are inferior and should be exterminated.

It is not a baby, it is simply tissue.

If the marriage isn’t ‘working’, divorce is the solution.

Women should be allowed the same sexual freedom as men.

These statements are an abomination to a traditional Christian worldview, and perhaps most you reading this agree with me. But there are many who do not see when the truth is misconstrued it becomes fully untrue and can have the most destructive ends.

African Americans can tell you not only were their ancestors kidnapped and sold on American soil as property, but they as a people group still suffer the consequences of the transaction which took place over a hundred years ago in the form of racism, violence, and segregation.

The European Jewish community was collected during the second world war tortured and killed. A great majority of the survivors were not welcome back in their home countries, but were given a small piece of the world in the middle east – where danger and violence against them has not ceased since.

I will not delve into the horror of abortion – where today millions of unborn babies will be killed and pulled from their mother’s wombs in the name of women’s reproductive rights. O Lord! Have mercy on us all for this!

The list goes on, as does the number of victims, in battle after battle. We are not winning this war. When I was a child, I was embarrassed to admit my parents had divorced. There was a social stigma against it. My mother was looked down upon by the women and men of society as was I. Over 55 years later, my mother admits she was never better off having divorced my father. Her heart was broken beyond repair, we were under constant financial strain and near poverty for many years, insecurity and fear defined my youth, and a victim-mentality has plagued us resulting in a reluctance to make decisions and take responsibility for them once made.

Today over half of marriages end in divorce, many of which involve children. No longer is it the odd individual who comes from a divorced family situation – it is the norm. Do not believe for a moment that my experience growing up all those years ago is in some way unique. Children of divorce are more likely to commit suicide, become alcoholics and drug abusers, and end up divorcing. The list of casualties trails on…

Under the misapprehension, women will only be truly equal when they can live as the most irresponsible and dishonorable of men, women have become victim to the most horrific abuses. The idea that women can and should have sex whenever it suits them and without a legal contract (marriage license), has led to the high rates of sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, depression, and suicide. Children born out of wedlock, are among the poorest and most neglected in our nation. Promiscuity also strips women of self-respect and self-worth. These women are used and abused.

Young girls are encouraged to look sexy at ages as early as nine, before many of them have even entered puberty. They are not emotionally or physically ready to engage in sexual activities, but the abortion industry preys on them. If a young girl has an abortion before 16, she is more likely to have one or even two more abortions – multiply that by thousands of dollars and you have the real reason the abortion industry is ‘pro-choice’. Never mind the consequences of such a reality to the women that undergo these procedures – depression, infertility, and even death. The truth is these young women are battling an enemy that does not care about women’s rights or even their lives, and yet it’s double-speak mantra is ‘reproductive freedom for women’. Reproductive freedom equals unplanned pregnancies, STDs, lonliness and despair.

I have focused on women and children, but men have been under attack by our common enemy as well. The consequences of young boys growing up in father-less homes has also taken a toll. Where strong male figures are missing, young men have no one to teach them how to be men. I do not negate the need for a mother’s influence in a young man’s life, but only a man can teach a young boy how to be a man. By this I mean, how to take on the responsibility of a family both financially and emotionally. The role models of men our society parades about are weak minded or tyrannical, flamboyant or foolish. Where do our young men turn for models of respectability and integrity? Certainly not to television.

In short, there is a war being waged, it’s a battle over Truth. Unadulterated, unabridged, unashamed Truth is hanging in the balance. All we need for victory is courage to stand up and face the enemy without compromise. Our enemies are not those who have been duped, but the Prince of Lies himself. The only way to defeat the Deceiver is to flee from him and draw near to the One who is the Truth, the way and the life.

Only fear of a lie keeps people from embracing the Truth that the God who made us extends. Fear of losing something of value. But look at society around you and see which way leads to despair and death and which leads to peace, joy, patience, kindness, love, contentment, and hope. Choose your side wisely, for we are truly at war.

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