Straining forward to what lies ahead…

Sometimes I wish God led us as he did the Israelites – a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Then I would know, without a doubt, the Lord was leading me.

I’m at the point in life where each day is a blank page to be filled. Trouble is, I’m not sure how best to fill it. My husband’s job occupies him and my children have grown. The changing health needs of my parents compelled me to quit my part-time job. So I’m home – often alone (apart from my aging Bulldog). I travel with my husband, visit my kids, volunteer in my community, keep my house and work in the yard, and write children’s books. I keep busy.

But at the end of the day, I’m not confident I’ve made the best use of the time God’s given me. Have I ‘looked to Jesus’ (Hebrews 12)? Have I ‘walked by the Spirit’ (Galatians 5)? Or am I just spinning my wheels?

I wish to glorify God. I desire to make a difference in this world for Jesus Christ. I want my light to shine so others may see my good works and glorify my Father who is in heaven (Matthew 5:16). But is wanting it enough?

Usually, I write about my struggle and share the answer the Lord has given me in His word, but today I’m going to leave the question unanswered. I want to hear from you. I need your wisdom.

How do you perceive God’s direction? How does God lead you?


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  1. Oswald Chambers has helped me in this regard for he says when our desire is to be in the center of God’s will and there is nothing between us and God, we become the will of God. That is, what we do is the will of God without asking or Him directly telling us. When we stray from that will, God pulls us up short. This has saved a lot of wavering and wondering on my part.

  2. Thanks for your input. I’ve loved Oswald Chambers’ insight.

  3. Barbara Mesh says:


    You are to love Him and be available to Him and others to assist, help, & encourage. For me that means not only believers but also the seekers and the ones who are struggling and those who challenge, mock & persecute you.. He will let you know by His whisper and if you are hard of hearing on a particular day, he may speak a little louder.

    Scripture says follow His leading And if you are doing good works as a fruit of you salvation, not the root of your salvation, you will certainly glorify Him. Rest in that truth.

    You are using your gifts [all those you listed] that you have been given to you by Him. He will let you know if he wants you to put them aside if He has a new direction for you.

    Last but not least, do not be weary in well doing.

    My prayer each day [I rarely miss doing this]
    Lord, thank you for this day, your love and forgiveness and power in my life. Thank you that I am forgiven
    positionaly and continuously as I sin against you and others. . Thank you for the Holy Spirit’s voice to recognize that sin and thank you for the empowerment to lift up that confession.

    Help me to prioritize this day according to your will. Thank you!


    1. Thanks so much for your input Barbara, you have always been an inspiration to me. God bless. Nicole

  4. Barb Freed says:

    Dear Nicole,
    As I see you walk through life, you do so with the radiance of the joy and love of the Lord beaming on your face. I see you as someone truly seeking to be in the center of God’s will, and looking for ways to meet the needs of others with a servant’s heart.
    We are in very similar places in life in the sense of seeing each day “as a blank page needing to be filled.” I’m seeking God for His will for my life in this season…wondering, and sensing that he may have a new direction for me now that our nest is sadly, for me and Clarke, empty, with our children and grandchildren far away. I’m still teaching part-time and involved in ministry, and very excited about being a part of Greater Hope…and seeking how God wants me to help grow His kingdom in this church plant. When I was homeschooling I felt like I was smack in the center of His will…it was a blessed feeling. I haven’t had that type of feeling since…however, I know I need to not focus on “feelings” but must focus on His Word and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.
    I do begin each day asking God to show me how I can best glorify Him, and I seek His will throughout the day. There are days when I simply do what is planned; however, there are other days, like today, when God prompts me to contact someone without a specific purpose, or because of what they are going through. The one thing I seek to remember is that we need to always be in prayer, but we need not always be busy. I know I need to learn this more, to “Be Still and Know That I Am God.” During this season of waiting on God, know that God loves your heart and that you are available to him and others.
    Love you,

    1. Thanks for responding Barb. You and I are in a similar place in our lives. I will take your advice to heart. Waiting, praying and obeying. Love you too, Nicole

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